Taking Facebook Ads<br>to the Next Level Taking Facebook Ads<br>to the Next Level


Taking Facebook Ads
to the Next Level

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The Big idea

When we believed that everything was invented in the environment of digital advertising, a Canadian company contacted us to develop the first system for creating and automating digital advertising through Facebook. It seems easy doesn't it?

Where do we start?

To face this project, we had to clearly define what its main functionalities were going to be. And boy was that a challenge! We reached the conclusion of moving forward with the following basic functionalities (or not so basic).

Working together with the client

It's time to make ideas shine. Our team worked together with the company to bring all thoughts to reality. We worked hard to get the first screens and diagram what the user flow would be like in this MVP version of the system.

Knowing the algorithm

During the first stage of work, we not only focus on creating the first user flows but also on our team learning in depth how Facebook advertising algorithm really works and how its algorithm behaves.

An awesome tool!

After the first versions and views of the project, we came up with an incredible visual style for this incredible platform.

Expert mode: On

Then, we create a lot of tools so that the most experts in the industry can work with Exod every day.

What's next with Exod?

We continue to work together with the company to improve and create new functions within the platform. There are some great ideas waiting to be developed that will soon see the light of day.

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