A digital product <br>for non-digital users. A digital product <br>for non-digital users.


A digital product
for non-digital users.

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Amorim Ecommerce

We help Amorim to start a digitization process, for its employees and customers. To achieve this, we start by creating a friendly and intuitive ecommerce.

Product page

We design a simple product page, without surprises for the user. The objective in this screen was to show the product and that the user can buy it quickly.

Filter system

We analyzed which were the most important points for users when searching for products. This analysis allowed us to design an intuitive filter system to find products quickly.

User persona

We identify who will be the users of the product that we're going to develop to learn more about their wishes and behaviors.

Design process

We create wireframes LO-FI and HI-FI before designing the prototype. This allows us to test different flows and validate our decisions.

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